Roberto Stellino and his team have made Quincy’s Tiramisu ristorante one of the region’s premier dining establishments — now at Fourth and Hampshire on the city’s square at Washington Park. The food, the ambiance and the service are elite.

After 27 years, Stellino is stepping away from the restaurant. He and his wife, Terri, are moving to Florida. He will be greeting guests for the next couple of weeks before heading south and leaving Tiramisu in the capable hands of Iljia Cucuk — Stellino’s partner for the past seven years — and the rest of the crew.

Stellino isn’t retiring. He’ll remain involved in a smaller scale by working in a Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

Frankie Murphy-Giesing recently sat down with Stellino to talk about coming to Quincy, the ups and downs of the food service industry and making Tiramisu a dining experience that rivals anything you would find in Chicago.


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After 27 years, Robert Stellino says goodbye to Quincy


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